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Wabash MPI Rubber Hydraulic Press

Wabash MPI Rubber Hydraulic Press

Enhanced with industrial expertise, we are a reputable figure in the industry. Living up to our reputation, we present you Wabash MPI Rubber Hydraulic Press. We get it delivered at customers’ request. It is equipped with features such as automatic bump, optional contact gauge and optional contact gauge. Our vendor management process makes certain that we procure from the vendors who can deliver the proposed quality consistently.

Description :

  • Genesis Hydraulic Compression Press for Rubber Testing in Accordance with ASTM D3182.
  • The Genesis Series Hydraulic Compression Press, Model G50H-19 ASTM is specially designed to vulcanize rubber sheets to provide samples for quality control, research and development and material comparison to prepare sheets for material property testing in accordance with ASTM D3182.
  • Bump, breathe, degas
  • Temperatures up to 500oF

Features of the Rubber ASTM Presses :

  • Specially designed platens for improved temperature uniformity (only on 2.5)
  • 19″ x 19″ platens accept all standard sample mold sizes
  • Adjustable clamp force - 8 to 50 tons
  • Self contained hydraulic unit
  • Allen Bradley PLC with operator interface
  • 1/16 DIN digital temperature controllers
  • Fully guarded clamp area with interlocked operator gate
  • Optional contact gauge for quiet operation
  • Optional low pressure system for operation from 2 to 50 tons
  • Automatic bump